How to Promote Team Work as a Manager


Teamwork is essential for the optimal performance of any organization or corporate entity. This is because robust teamwork is what enables the objectives of the company to be achieved as nearly as can be. It also eliminates unnecessary frictions, the duplicity of roles, and failure to achieve the set targets.


It is therefore of utmost importance that teamwork is fostered in any entity. In the conversations that follow, we are going to examine the various means and ways through which you can promote teamwork in your organization as a manager.




Set the Right Example


You should be the example you expect others to follow. Lead from the front; be actively involved in the affairs of the organization you lead. This way, your followers will obtain the inspiration they need to also perform optimally. The opposite is indeed true. The persons you lead will develop some lethargy in case you are laid back or hands-off.


Familiarize yourself with all the Team Members


Get to know all your team members if possible. Of course, this is not possible for large organizations that have numerous employees. The more details you know about your employees, the more likely you will be able to impact them directly. Your juniors will also feel challenged and inspired if you can call them by name. Doing so will also help you to track the performance and progress of each employee. Learn to appreciate their small successes. A simple gift like flower made of paper can go a long way. 


Craft and Articulate the Corporate Mission


It is impossible for different people to pull in the same direction without a binding common goal. It is this binding common goal that glues the team members together and enables them to set aside their competing interests. That is why you ought to craft and articulate the corporate mission. It is this mission that you will have to rally your team members to achieve.


Set and Work Towards Targets


Apart from crafting a binding corporate mission, it is also necessary that you set targets for specific team members or groups. People exude their full potential in case they have clearly defined targets to work to. While at it, be real. Do not set too high targets that may dampen the spirit of the team members. Do not also set too low targets that are too easy to hit.


Put in Place a Reliable Conflict Resolution Regime


Conflicts will usually arise from time to time, even though they are not supposed to. They may, if not given the right attention, be very daunting to the overall performance of an organization. That is why you should put in place a reliable conflict resolution regime. This will reduce frictions and ensure the efficiency of each team member.


Maintain a Clear Flow of Information


It is necessary that you maintain a clear flow of information at all times. Any distortions in the flow of communication may normally bring along undesirable side effects. These include confusion, delays, wastage of time, and reduced productivity. Communicate any changes or urgency in time to avoid these. Be sure to confirm from the various stakeholders whether they have indeed received the information or not.


Define and Delegate Responsibilities


To avoid redundancies and improve accountability, you should define and delegate responsibilities to each member of the team. Make sure that roles do not overlap and that each person plays as unique a role as possible. This way, it will be possible to lay the blame wherever it is supposed to be. It will also enhance teamwork as a whole.


Reward High Performing Team Members


Rewards, recognition, and awards provide incentives to team members to strive to do their best. In light of this, you should also consider rewarding high performing teams and team members. These rewards may be monetary or in the forms of tokens. In so doing, you will encourage them to work even harder next time. In the end, you will greatly boost the team spirit.




Teamwork is indeed essential to the success of any venture or firm. That is why it is in the best interest of any manager to see to it that he promotes it in his firm as much as possible. Adhering to the tips outlined and explained above may provide the much-needed starting point. And of course, there are others that may supplement the ones we have listed above. You may wish to conduct further research to find them.